still very exhited about the silkscreen session i had with the talented mathias (thanks for all the help) and thought i'd share a couple of shots for the 'untitled enemies' piece i made

there are still a couple left for sale . so if you're interested email me for price and shipment here

Made a silkscreen print for Untitled Enemies expo

apostrophe gallery
‘Untitled Enemies’
limited edition print show
curated by May Wong and will showcase Hong Kong
and International renowned street artists,
illustrators and graphic designers.

Meggs (Australia), Rone (Australia), Mathias Malling Mortensen
(Denmark), Michael Rytz (Denmark), Miss Lotion (Denmark), Arnaud Pagés
(France), Charles Glaubitz (Mexico), Foi Jurado (Mexico) Jasper Wong (Hong Kong),
Nam Leung (Hong Kong), Rex Koo (Hong Kong), Computerhead (Hong Kong),
Vicky Lau (Hong Kong), Innie Wong (Hong Kong), Dem (Italy), Geometric Bang
(Italy), Zosen (Spain/Argentina), Alex Purdy (US), Ryan De La Hoz (US),
Doodles (US), Maya Hayuk (US), Timothy Karpinski (US), Ben Allen (UK),
Nicolas Ruston (UK), Pure Evil (UK)

Exhibition opens from 21/10/2009 to 7/1/2010
i did a little something for
Islands Fold's Fifteenth publication titled " Weast."
it might not be new or news but i still like that zine alot